AdomiBridge Studios has three main divisions: Movies, Creative Television, and Documentaries

Our products are the contents that we meticulously create, produce and push to reach the widest possible global content consumers. They are in the form of gripping feature films or moving TV dramas or provocative documentaries. 


Creating Unforgettable Cinema Experience!


Pholk Phantom short film (2015)
The Most Beautiful Hour (2012)


At AdomiBridge Studios, we create riveting movies from Ghanaian and universally inspired stories. Our duty is to give the audience a remarkable movie experience that will stay with them for a long time to come. Our staples include movies that address serious, existential issues and those that touch on mundane subjects. 


Using Non-Fiction Films To Impact Society!


Gold Is Here (2014)

Our in-house cinematic documentaries touch on myriads of social and human interest themes like the rights of slum dwellers in Scapegoats, the driving factors of illegal mining and the destruction they cause to the environment as addressed in Gold Is Here, and issues addressing the fragility of the mind in Gilberte’s World.

We have produced a number of documentaries for several organizations including:

  • Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER)
  • Ghana Tourism Authority/Year of Return
  • Third World Network
  • Wacam
  • Center for Public Interest Law (CEPIL)
  • Noyem Women’s Association (NOWA)
  • Abantu for Development
  • Aves International Academy



Family-Friendly Television Experience



Our TV programs seek to offer viewing experience that not only entertain the whole family, but offers lessons across life’s journey. We are currently developing a drama series for children during after school hours. 

Our Television Division is further divided into two subdivisions: Children and General contents.

The Children Content sector is tasked with creating contents that are suitable for children consumption. This is reflected in the choice of language and themes.

The General Content unit will focus on creating and producing contents that dwell on much difficult themes for our matured viewers.


Below are some of our short films: