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Creative Television


Our TV programs seek to offer viewing experience that not only entertain the whole family, but offers lessons across life’s journey. We are currently developing a drama series for children during after school hours. 

Our Television Division is further divided into two subdivisions: Children and General contents.

The Children Content sector is tasked with creating contents that are suitable for children consumption. This is reflected in the choice of language and themes. It is a known fact that in Ghana today, there is a complete lack of proper contents that are suitable for children on our televisions. 

We envision the children content subdivision to witness an exponential growth within the next couple of years. And as the pioneer in this market, we will seize every opportunity to attract, keep and aggressively develop a large portion of the market through excellent contents and innovative production.

The General Content unit will focus on creating and producing contents that dwell on much difficult themes for our matured viewers.


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