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Written by David A. Masterwille


Collage of Ghana



A film about a young man from Ghana who sought greener pastures in America and completely discarded his roots. He realises decades later that the grass is never greener on the other side. Spurred on by the uncertainties that have characterised the early stages of the Trump administration, he sets off to reconnect to the land he foolishly shunned. 




David A. Masterwille’s ‘Sankofa’ extols his country’s strenuous effort towards providing a refuge for the disillusioned African Diaspora. Sankofa is a character driven, homecoming adventure set in a rising and deeply optimistic Ghana.

The story offers numerous opportunities to showcase the part of the Ghanaian and the black African story that are ignored by western authors. As we follow our protagonists through the course of the story, we will experience the energy and the vibrancy of a Ghanaian society that has completely transformed itself within a generation. Viewers will be positively impacted as they learn the characters appreciation of Ghana’s strenuous effort towards total modernization. More info available on request.




In Sankofa, we want to reveal a rising, optimistic Africa. Using Ghana to represent the rapidly modernizing continent, the audience will experience at first hand some of the major social transformations that have taken place in Sub-Sahara Africa since the turn of the century through the perspective of the protagonist and the title character, Sanks. More info available on request.