Written and Produced by David A. Masterwille


A Storyboard


After rupturing the eye of her molester, a courageous rural girl escapes retribution and runs to the city where she takes on odd jobs as a street hawker to fend for herself.  Set mostly on the streets of Koforidua and other parts of rural Eastern Region, Obaamu is a portrayal of a young girl’s improbable journey into becoming the woman she has long dreamt of. This is a coming-of-age story which is both harrowing and uplifting. It is a story of breaking free of cultural shackles, beating the odds and friendship.




This story lends itself to cinematic visuals which help enforce the experiences and emotions of the heroine. There are opportunities for dismal sad looking, washed out, wet visuals that amplify the heroine’s experience. These can be juxtaposed to sunny, bright, colourful and lush visuals when she has moments of happiness. We will capture moments of hope and freedom with wide expansive shots and difficult times with small claustrophobic spaces. Single shots will be used to enhance her sense of isolation. Her sense of confusion in the city will be heightened by the use of crowded visuals.

When completed, this film will show education as the best bet for a future of hope and better opportunities for Ghana’s army of street vendors, especially, vulnerable girls. We want our young viewers to appreciate learning as the most powerful tool to alter the circumstances of one’s birth.



Masterwille is a passionate, conscientious Ghanaian filmmaker whose films tackle themes of socio-economic inequities bedevilling his beloved Ghana. 

David Masterwille