AdomiBridge Studios has an impressive lineup of feature film projects in development.

Ongoing Production

Obaamu (Uncommon Passage)



Akyaah has a DETERMINATION as hard as steel. Her WILLPOWER is unparalleled. Her fixation on SELF-EDUCATION is as though her very life depends on it. It is these attributes that powered a poor rural girl to become one of the most powerful women in a society that has little tolerance for people of her birth. For Akyaah, impossibility is just a motivation to up her game.

Ongoing Production

Sankofa (Homecoming)



A young man from Ghana seeks greener pastures in America in the 1980s and completely discards his roots. He realises decades later that the grass is never greener on the other side. Spurred on by the uncertainties that have characterised the early stages of the Trump administration, he sets off to reconnect to the land he shunned. 

Completed Movies

The Most Beautiful Hour (2012)



Eve finds herself torn between a childhood sweetheart Kwasi who is struggling to make it as a published novelist, and Nii, a slick businessman with a shady past that threatens to ruin him.