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Gilberte’s World

Written, Produced and Directed by David A. Masterwille


I want this film to highlight the fragility of the creative mind. I want the film to touch on the role family support plays in helping artists who suffer depression to recover. I seek to preserve the integrity of the generous people who welcomed me and my camera into their space even in their most vulnerable moments. Though I intend to be as honest to the covered story as possible, I will be guided by the trust between myself and those filmed and present a film that will be embraced by both parties. Filled with encountered drama, the style of this film is heavily influenced by cinema vérité.


A quest for leisure and holidays takes a filmmaker from continental Africa to the beautiful Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius where he is hosted by Gilberte, his renowned celebrity painter friend. When Gilberte suddenly suffers mental breakdown, the filmmaker puts his holidays on hold and becomes a pillar of support for Gilberte as she struggles through conflicts emanating from family, work and life in general.

Festival Runs (2017)

Durban International Film Festival (Official Selection)
Zanzibar International Film Festival (Official Selection)

AfryKamera Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland (Official Selection)

AFRIFF, Lagos, Nigeria (Official Selection)