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A gripping west african thriller



A farm house family suffers a terrible fate when their son develops incestuous desires towards his older sister.  



After years of grief, a Nigerian-Ghanaian family is overjoyed when their 12-year-old quadriplegic son, Kujo, suddenly recovers. However,  Kujo  starts developing incestuous feelings towards his older teen sister Chioma. Despite the strong intervention from their mother and a powerful priest, Kujo remains bent on acting on his desires. Suddenly, Chioma‚Äôs boyfriends start disappearing one after the other.


The making of Chioma has been a labor of love. However, it took a collective effort of creatives and artists in Ghana who shared my vision, and as a result, offered their time, talents and other resources to make this film possible. As Sub-Saharan filmmakers, funding has always been a huge stumbling block. However, I believe that in most of our countries, especially Ghana, everything that is needed to produce a worthy film exist: the talent, the crew, the equipment, etc. I have always known that if we could band together and contribute our various resources, then we would have removed the main impediment we face as filmmakers, which is funding; the funds needed to pay the talents, the crew, the equipment, etc. In return, each contributor will have an equity in the film. In this way, the filmmakers and creatives in Sub-Saharan countries can create work and wealth for themselves. It is this model that we put to test in the making of Chioma. I hope that the final film will be both artistically and commercially rewarding so everyone involved will be proud of their sacrifice. I am confident our success will motivate other African creatives to come together and create more, together.



Ulasi Ifunanya Emmanuella

Eric Afrifa Mensah

Brian Angels

Yvonne Maura

Emmanuel Asamaoah

Raymond Sarfo

Philips Mensah

Technical information

Genre: Thriller, supernatural

Shooting Format: DCI 4K

Director/Producer: David A. Masterwille

Production Company: Adomibridge Studios

Shooting Location: Aburi, Ghana

Country of Production: Ghana

Year of Production: 2023



DOP: Nii Nai Mensah, Eli K. Mario Sedor

Sound: Stanley Martei Marmah

Assistant Director: Raymond Sarfo

PM: Augustine Wiah 

Editor: Kwame Addae