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 AdomiBridge Studios is a registered content producing company with a difference. We seek to create a new model for Ghanaian cinema and influence how contents are produced on the larger African continent.  The company is based in North Legon, Accra.


Our Vision

To become the market leader in the production and distribution of distinct contents that are rooted in the Ghanaian and the grand African traditions.


Our Mission

  • To create contents that have strong, innovative story concepts based on our shared Ghanaian and African heritage.
  • To create TV contents with appropriate language and themes that are suitable for a child’s consumption.
  • To create meaningful, entertaining and thought-provoking contents for general viewing
  • To use documentaries to cause society to reflect, to change and to be entertained.


Core Values

  • To interpret Ghana to Ghanaians and to offer the world a unique Ghanaian viewpoint
  • To elevate Ghanaian culture and traditions abroad through excellent content creation
  • To help inculcate positive value systems and shape the behavior of our future leaders today.



AdomiBridge Studios was founded by filmmaker David A. Masterwille. Mr. Masterwille is the Managing Director of the company. He is assisted by a core group of dedicated, hardworking staff.


David Masterwille, MD, AdomiBridge Studios



I am a filmmaker from Ghana, a beautiful, rhythmic country on the west coast of Africa. My home is close to the Greenwich Meridian (Longitude 0°) and a short boat ride out into the sea is the Equator (Latitude 0°). So, like many of my compatriots, we like to say that we live right at the center of the world.

However, this rapidly modernizing country has many social problems, chiefly among them is a widening inequality. So, for a number of years now, I have been making films that shed light on some of these issues.

In 2012, I released my first narrative feature “The Most Beautiful Hour” that touched on the lingering crisis of graduate unemployment in Ghana. In 2014, I was supported by the Ghana Denmark Cultural Fund to produce a documentary on unregulated gold mining in Ghana called “Gold Is Here”. I sought to find out…if Gold were really here in abundance, why then were there so much poverty and suffering and misery and hopelessness in these communities where tonnes of gold were mined?


Poster of “Gold Is Here”

“Gold Is Here” screened at festivals in Africa, Europe and America. It won award for best documentary at a film award in Ghana in 2016.

The film is still screening publicly with two screenings booked in August 2018 at Goethe Institut’s African Perspective program, and Nubuke Foundation’s Ghana Must Go: Forward program. The Danish Ambassador hosted a successful screening for the Embassy staff, the Danish Community in Ghana, and CSOs from the extractive sector. 


A still from “Gilberte’s World”


In 2016, I produced Gilberte’s World in Mauritius. This brilliant feature documentary about the painful exploration of an artist’s life on the Indian Ocean paradise was 100% financed by myself. Gilberte’s World has had a successful festival run including at the Durban International Film Festival, Zanzibar and AfryKamera.

I am currently working on my third documentary film “Scapegoats”, which has been supported by the Institute Francaise of the French Embassy and the Ghana Culture Forum.