AdomiBridge Studios is a registered film production company with a difference. We seek to create a new model for Ghanaian cinema and influence how contents are produced on the larger African continent.  The company is based in North Legon in Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

Our Vision

The North Legon-based company has a vision of becoming a market leader in the production and distribution of distinct contents that are rooted in the Ghanaian and the grand African traditions.

Our Mission

  • To create contents that have strong, innovative story concepts based on our shared Ghanaian and African heritage.
  • To create TV contents with appropriate language and themes that are suitable for a child’s consumption.
  • To create meaningful, entertaining and thought-provoking contents for general viewing
  • To use documentaries to cause society to reflect, to change and to be entertained.

Core Values

  • To interpret Ghana to Ghanaians and to offer the world a unique Ghanaian viewpoint
  • To elevate Ghanaian culture and traditions abroad through excellent content creation
  • To help inculcate positive value systems and shape the behavior of our future leaders today



AdomiBridge Studios was founded by filmmaker David A. Masterwille. Mr. Masterwille is the Managing Director of the company. He is assisted by a core group of dedicated, hardworking staff.

David Masterwille, MD, AdomiBridge Studios


My name is David Asare Masterwille. I am the founder and the Managing Director of Adomibridge Studios, a film company based in Accra, Ghana. My interest in writing for film and television started in 2002 whilst a student in Canada. I took classes at Vancouver and Toronto Film Schools between 2002 and 2004 to learn the rudiments of screen storytelling. I bought my first Final Draft screenwriting software in 2003.

Since then, I have written nearly a dozen feature-length screenplays and several episodes of produced television drama series including Most Beautiful Hour, 2012, film; and Y’ello Cafe, 2013, TV series. I have also written, directed and produced several critical documentaries including Gold Is Here, 2014; Gilberte’s World, 2016 (Mauritius); and Scapegoats, 2017.

I led AdomiBridge Studios to produce the videos for Ghana’s successful year-long campaign, the Year of Return. I directed nearly 50 videos for this important national campaign in 2019.

I am presently developing a musical drama film on the perils of illegal gold mining in Ghana.  



Emelia Kuleke, Head of Productions and PR


Emelia Kuleke is a journalist and a media practitioner with over 8 years experience in the industry. Her work and interests cut across journalism, public relations, tech, and development communications. She has worked as a Media Associate at the Ghana Tech Lab and Ecosystem Associate on Ghana Startup Ecosystem. As an ardent fundraiser, she has helped raised funds for charity projects, including organising donations for the Countryside Orphanage (Bawjiase), Echoing Hills Orphanage (Madina), and Frafraha Childrens’ Home (Frafraha) for over 15 years. She executive produced Chioma, Adomibridge Studios’ new film.