brief Synopsis

A talented singer-songwriter and her band from northern Ghana struggle to get to Lagos for their big break: a televised West African music contest. They start work in an illegal gold mine, for what they believe will be quick cash, but this ill-fated decision changes their lives forever.

A man descends into an illegal mine pit
Laborers at work at an illegal mine site

Short Pitch

A Dream To Die For is a drama film with music that centers on a struggling Ghanaian band that starts working in an illegal gold mine to get fast, much needed money. Illegal gold mining (called Galamsey) is a rampant environmental disaster in Ghana, causing massive deforestation, waterways and ocean pollution, and land devastation. This movie will offer audiences a STOP GALAMSEY message using the power of music and film. The film will feature contemporary soundtracks featuring Afrobeat and Afro-pop to entice a large African  viewing audience as well as a global audience.

In keeping with the recent COP 26 summit, world leaders have recognized that mass deforestation and rising sea temperatures contribute greatly to increasing climate change and its global consequences. Ghana is one of the developing countries slated for assistance in stopping the destruction of and restoring her forests.  

A Dream To Die For has a story that is not only timely but a story that offers solutions to this problem.

As a Pan-African film that treats a Pan-African problem, we will cast from several African countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana. This Pan-African cast will instantly open the film up to an audience of more than 300 million with a combined GDP of more than one trillion dollars.

The film will be shot in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa with post-production taking place in South Africa.